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Basic Info.
Model NO. YKC-36A-100
Controlling Mode PLC
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power Source Mechanical Drive
Precision High Precision
Certification CE, ISO 9001
Condition New
Ykc Series Fin Press Machine
Transport Package Export Standard Packing
Specification all the models in the table
Trademark SLJS
Origin China(Mainland)
HS Code 8462991000
Production Capacity 3000 Units/Year
Product Description

Product Description


1.1 Type: YKC-36A-100, High speed Fin precision Straight Side press

1.2 Capacity: 1000KN

1.3 Working efficiency : No-load stamping frequency 150~300spm, even load 220~240spm, odd load 210~230spm.

1.4 Supply voltage: Three-phase 380V/50Hz. Voltage fluctuation range ±10%.

2. The main technical parameters of the production line:

2.1 Processing Material: Aluminum Foil

2.2 The maximum diameter of coil material: 1200mm.

2.3 Coil material diameter: φ150 ± 5mm.

2.4 Maximum material width: 820mm.

2.5 Fin Die Pattern: Φ15.88×24R×1P (33×38.1mm).

2.6 One feed step and feed switch: 1P/2P.

2.7 Suction length: 1000mm.

2.8 Suction type: single fan, automatic stripper plate type, with a stripper plate

2.9 Fin stack height: Lifting type automatic aggregate, the height can reach: 600~900mm.

2.10 Fin stack mode: Double-position automatic 180° swing back structure with automatic lift function. The needle assembly of the aggregate is moved along the linear guide, and the position of the aggregate needle is determined by positioning the pin.

2.11 Unloading mode: damper open plate discharge.

2.12 waste discharge method: Use a fan to blow the waste out of the organization, with a 7m pipe and a waste box.

2.13 Discharge rack loading direction: The loading direction is opposite to that of the operation panel, ie it is loaded from left to right when viewed from the discharge rack to the host.

2.14 Discharge rack type: single-head up type, hand wheel up tight type.

2.15 Machine Tool Installation: The machine tool is the anchor bolt installation method. The client must make the basics. The seller provides ground drawings

3. Main technical parameters:

Machine Model



Four-column two-point mechanism



Slide of Stroke (mm)


No-load stroke(spm)


Load stroke(spm)

even load 220~240spm

odd load 210~230spm

Die height (mm)

270~320(Final size will confirm)

Slide Lifting height (mm)


Size of table(H×L, mm)

1800×1200(Final size will confirm)

Size of slide(H×L, mm)


Main motor power(KW)


Production line working capacity(KWA)


Aluminum coil Inner Diameter)


Max diameter of aluminum coil(mm)


Max width of aluminum coil (mm)


Material rack loading weight(Kg)


Sucking Length(mm)


Collecting Height(mm)


Total Weight(±2Ton)


Working Pressure(kg f/cm2)

Gas consumption(m3/min)



Hydraulic Oil


Power Supply


4. Machine precision requirements:

4.1. The parallelism between the lower plane of the slider and the plane on the workbench (according to the on-site debugging records):

(1) Left and right direction ≤ 0.059mm. (2) Front and back direction ≤ 0.059mm.

4.2. The verticality of the slider stroke to the plane on the table:

(1) Left and right direction ≤ 0.015mm. (2) Front and back ≤ 0.015mm.

4.3. Total machine clearance: ≤ 0.30mm.

5 Main components and Structure Features:

5.1 The equipment is mainly composed of high speed precision Straight Side press, discharging device, aluminum foil lubricating device, Die quick change device, initial feeding direction guide device, material suction device, aggregate device, Servo material pulling device, waste discharge device and the corresponding electrical system, hydraulic system, gas system composition.
5.2 Punching machine: machine is of four-column front and back double-point structure, high precision, strong load deviation resist capability. The mainframe is composed of upper beam, double uprights and lower base, which is tensioned by adding high pressure oil. The mainframe can provide overload protection while working, and it also has the function of lifting . The slider adopts eight-sided guide, the needle has no clearance guide, the guide length is long, the precision is high, and the ability of resisting load deviation is strong. The front of the machine is equipped with a crankshaft angle meter (mechanical indicator type)
5.3 Discharging device:Adopts single-head inside-rise type, hand-wheel rising-tight type.

The discharging device can automatically release the material into the mould of punching machine, the photoelectric sensor can control the stop and discharge, and it has no material detection and aluminum foil tension detection.
5.4 Aluminum foil lubricating device: adopts oil tank bath lubrication. Roller guide at the inlet and two rollers and felt compacts at the outlet to scrape off the excess lubricating oil and reduce the pulse of the aluminum foil. Inlet and outlet of Lubricating oil box has regulating device to accommodate aluminum foil with different widths through the lubricating oil box into the mould

5.5 Die quick change device: It is composed of die changing bracket and changing plate. The fin die is placed on the changing plate through the guide rail on the die changing bracket and the working table board moving in and out of the machine.
5.6 Initial feeding guide device: the aluminum foil material is transported to the die by operating the operation button. When the drawing mechanism of the die is used, the device plays a guiding role.
5.7 Suction device: It is of automatic opening and closing type vacuum, the cylinder is used to drive the air valve switch to control adsorption and discharge. The whole device can be adjusted upward,downward,leftward,rightward,front and back to adapt to the adsorption of different molds. This suction device adopts the single fan structure with plate discharging and a discharge plate.
5.8 Automatic collecting device: It can be controlled by PLC to realize one side aggregating and one side reclaiming. The collection device adopts a dual station 180 degree automatic return swing structure and automatic lifting function. The collection needle frame is adjusted along the linear guide, and the position of the collector needle is determined by the positioning pin. The transformation of aggregate is very convenient.
5.9 Servo Material pulling device: setting parameters by HMI and controlling the action of servo motor, the switching of 1 / 4,2 / 4,3 / 4 can be realized. The pulling mechanism is driven by servo motor with high feeding speed, long service life and free maintenance. The characteristics of protection are especially suitable for single hole feeding.
5.10 Die quantitative oil feeding device: Supply the oil for mould according to the number of stamping , generally 10-30 per stamping die with oil supply 8x0.32cc, punching times are setting on the touch screen. The oil is fed alternately by three pneumatic pumps. Oil tank oil-free alarm shutdown; oil supply malfunction (including pumps, pipelines) shutdown. The oil tank capacity of the mould quantitative oil feeding device is 50L.
5.11 Electrical control system: stamping can point, single continuous operation, equipment operation display (HMI) can show the number of punching, lamination, fin type, stamping angle, hole number of fine. Special-cut, single and double Step setting can be cut into any position.The machine automatically stops running when the fin accumulates to the setting number. Can store more than 20 types of fin specification parameter setting.
5.12 Safety protection: the machine has oil-deficient automatic stop alarm. Hydraulic system has over-voltage and under-voltage protection, over-current protection, aggregate clogging automatic stop alarm, air pressure too low stop alarm, no material or aluminum foil tighten automatic stop alarm. There are automatic emergency switch protection on both sides of the main machine and on the discharge rack, and two sets of automatic grating shutdown protection in the working punching area. When lifting down, there are two kinds of protection: grating and emergency stop. The above protections can be displayed in the operation display.

Safety door: there are three safety protection doors on both sides, including windows between uprights of punching machine, connection between fuel tank and machine, crosscutting position of mould.

Safety bolt: equipped with two safety bolts, cylindrical aluminum rods, two type of heights, installed on the right side of the electronic control cabinet.
5.13 Other requirements: The design of the equipment must ensure that it will be convenient and simple to operate when mould switch the type of fin

6 Equipment components:
Inverter, PLC programmers, man-machine interfaces, automatic grease pumps, gas valve cylinders, hydraulic valves, main clutch brakes, rotary encoders, photoelectric switches, spindle bearings, main clutch valves, and main electrical components, etc. need to be selected internationally quality products, as follows:

Item no.




Clutch Valve



PLC programmer




Mitsubishi (main motor)

Mitsubishi (fan)


Pneumatic solenoid valve

Festo, SMC


Main electrical components



Hydraulic pump



Main hydraulic valve



Connecting rod bearing

Germany INA or Spanish NBI


Feed conversion device bearing

Japan IKO





Man-Machine Interface



Automatic Grease Pump

Japan IHI


Discharge induction photoelectric switch



No material detection photoelectric switch



Air switch






Button switch






Miniature Circuit Breakers



Output Relay



Pulling servo motor and servo control system



Reducer for pull servo motor



Collecting Lifting ball screw



Collecting Linear Guides



Collecting Lifting Reducer



Material Rack Reducer


7 List of spare parts

7.1 Triangle belt type B: 1 set

7.2 Timing belt: 1 set

7.3 Shaft seals: 4 pcs

7.4 Hole seals: 4 pcs

7.5 Solenoid valve: 1 pcs

7.6 The limit switch: 1 pcs

7.7 The collection needle: 10 pcs

7.8 Anchor bolts and adjustment bolts: each 4 pcs

7.9 Expansion bolts: 8 pcs

7.10 Manual grease gun: 1pcs

7.11 Standard tools: 1 set (according to packing list)

8 Acceptance standard

Acceptance standard: should be suitable for the technical agreement and fit for the fin die to produce the qualified production

Fin die

We have been in Manufacturing this Fin Dies more than 30 years, already supplied more than 3000 sets of the Fin Dies to our customers:

Like Germany Volkswagen - FAW Automotive tank air conditioning,Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Wuhan New Century Refrigeration Company (Beyond to Japan Sanyo) Large-scale Refrigerator, Shanghai Air Conditioner Factory.

By the way, we also have exported the Fin Dies to other countries: USA, Russia, New Zealand, Poland, Iran, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Argentina.

1.Fin Die Features

The Fin Die is an independent sub-unit from the the large mold base, where the blade-edge unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve.

Each processing step as follow:

1.1) Drawing unit: According to the calculated data, a certain height and diameter convex hull is pre-drawn on the strip material. Among them, each channel has an independent adjustment device, and a position display indicator can record the corresponding number of adjustment heights of the channel punch for later convenient adjustment.

1.2) Louver forming unit:Flush the louver-type crack on the strip material as required by the fin scheme. The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.

1.3) Punching flanging unit: flipping out the straight edge and the electro-thermal hole on the strip material with punched convex hull. The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.

1.4) Double Flanging unit: On a flanging cylinder, turn the straw hat outward. There is an independent adjustment device, and a position display indicator can record the corresponding number of adjustment heights of the flanging of the track.

1.5) Slitting unit: Use three screws to adjust the position of the upper knife to determine the number of rows of the slits.

The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.

1.6) Embossing unit: Pressing the fin edge pattern. Adjust the knife position with three screws to determine the number of rows of embossing.

1.7) Feeding unit: There is a small claw raised into the fin mouth to pull the strip forward one step.

1.8) Leveling unit:

1.9) Cutting unit: Cuts the strip material in accordance with the preset number of holes.

The above units are assembled in a large formwork to ensure the relative position of each unit.

2.Fin Die Material:

2.1) Knife/Blade section:

Japan SKD11 for Aluminum fins, HRC60-64

Japan HAP40 powder high speed steel for stainless steel fins, HRC62-64

2.2) Die base plate:

Alloy tool steel for punching aluminum fins, HRC28-32

Alloy tool steel for punching stainless steel aluminum fins, HRC56-60

2.3) Strong Spring: Japan MISUMI

2.4) Guide column guide: Japan MISUMI

3.Life of Fin Die: 10 years in normal use, not include the wearing parts.
4.Fin sample:
5.Main Processing Equipments:

Swiss CA20 Precision Walking Wire Cutting Machine

Japan OKUMA-BYJC Machining Center,

SYMS VMC CNC Milling Machine


MG2932B/MG2945B coordinate grinding machine

Taiwan 618-ASD Tool Grinding Machine

Taiwan ESG-818M Tool Grinding Machine

Taiwan ESC-1A618 Tool Grinding Machine

Taiwan ESC-1A618 Tool Grinding Machine

Kunming T4163 coordinates boring machine

Kunming 4240 coordinate trampoline

Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine

Optical measuring instrument

Processing and Manufacturing

Ykc-36A-100 High-Speed Automatic Production Line for Air Conditioner Fins

Ykc-36A-100 High-Speed Automatic Production Line for Air Conditioner Fins

Packaging & Shipping

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Ykc-36A-100 High-Speed Automatic Production Line for Air Conditioner Fins

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