Jun 02, 2024

Crazy Footage of Wichita Falls Weekend Grass Fires, Watch Here!

If you were driving around Wichita Falls on Saturday, you probably noticed the massive smoke overcast in the sky. Sadly we had a really bad grass fire that spread pretty quickly.

As always, thank you so much to the men and women with all our fire departments that helped contain this grass fire on Saturday. According to KFDX, Clay County Emergency Management, Wichita Falls Fire Department, Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department, Wichita East Volunteer Fire Department, and Burkbunett Fire Department were all on the scene. Also thanks to law enforcement including Wichita County Sheriff's Office and the Wichita Falls Police Department for helping clear out nearby homes and businesses.

We have no word on what started the grass fire, but due to the dry weather in Wichita Falls. This thing was able to spread quickly. Around 400 acres was burned on Saturday and sadly someone's home and several vehicles on their property were destroyed by the blaze. The fire started around East Hatton Road. Texas A&M Forest was called in to help contain the blaze. Using planes, they dumped gallons of water on the fire to help stop it.

Always remember to be cautious with how dry it is in Wichita Falls right now. A little fire in your yard can develop fast into something massive. Below are some friendly tips you should be doing during dry conditions like right now in Wichita Falls

Preventing Grass Fires

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