Jul 31, 2023

Firefox fixes a flurry of flaws in the first of two releases this month

The latest full new version of Firefox is out, marking the first of two “monthly” upgrades you’ll see this month.

Just as there will be a blue moon in August 2023 (that’s the name applied to a second full moon in the same calendar month, rather than reference to an atmospheric phenomenon that makes the moon seem blue, in case you ever wondered), there will be a blue Firefox too.

Firefox version upgrades happen every 28 days, rather than once a month, so whenever a release comes out early enough in the month, there will be a second upgrade squeezed in at the end.

Fortunately there are no zero-day vulnerabilities this time, but the following bug reports caught our eye:

The new versions you are looking for after updating are:

Head to Firefox -> About Firefox if you have a Mac, or Help -> About Firefox on other platforms.

Dont forget, if you use one of the BSDs or a Linux distro, that your Firefox release might be managed by the distro itself, so check with your provider for updates.

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