Jun 18, 2023

Lululemon Chargefeel Workout Shoes Review

At some point, the activewear brand quietly dropped a footwear line, and I am seriously impressed.

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If you wear activewear regularly, Lululemon’s premium leggings—Wunder Under, Align, etc.— are almost certainly already on your radar. As an avid and longtime fan of the brand, I like to stay up to date with its launches, so I was pleasantly surprised and excited to learn it had recently dropped an entire collection of women’s footwear. Based on my research, it seems Lululemon quietly debuted its footwear category in March 2022 but has since expanded the category to include running sneakers, training shoes, and sandals.

As someone who is still trying to find the motivation to break my COVID-induced three-year “break” from exercise, I figured I might as well see if a new pair of kicks would do the trick. I decided to go with the Chargefeel Mid Women's Workout Shoe, which is designed for both training and running, making it a versatile choice for a non-commital fitness person who is still trying to make a grand comeback. Admittedly, I opted for the Chargefeel Workout Shoes based on their good looks (I love the sock-like high-top look… it’s low-key giving Rick Owens), but I was surprised at how comfortable, supportive, and cushiony they are. Plus, I’m not going to lie—I love that the shoes showcase the Lulu logo in the back—just like my favorite Align leggings.

Aside from being ridiculously compliment-generating (seriously, every time I wear these out, I get at least one compliment), Lululemon’s Chargfeel sneakers perform. I really appreciate that there was no breaking period; they molded to my feet the first time I wore them and left zero blisters behind. Athletic shoes with a high-top profile usually grate my ankle like a piece of a wedge of parmesan when I walk uphill the first couple of times while wearing a new pair, so this pain-free experience gave the sneakers major brownie points.

Lululemon Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoe

The Chargefeel workout shoes are engineered with a slew of performance-enhancing and comfort-boosting features to support your fitness journey, including next-level ventilation to keep odor and moisture at bay, dual-intensity cushioning for the perfect amount of “bounce,” and a female-specific shape for a custom-like fit.

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While I haven’t run in them (as I said, I’m easing back into fitness after a sizable hiatus, guys!), I’ve been wearing them for the past month during my twice-weekly incline treadmill walks, while lifting weights on my vibration plate, walking the dogs, and during one mid-intensity hike. Needless to say, these shoes were up for the task for each occasion—no blisters, no sore feet, no discomfort, and no raw ankles.

They’re springy enough if you want to jog (I tried it for all of two minutes before re-acknowledging that I am definitely not a runner) but firm enough for training—you don’t feel like you’re bouncing around in these. The high-top is elastic and isn’t so tight that it cuts off my circulation, but it’s fitted enough to feel secure.

Again, while I can’t personally speak to the Chargefeel’s merits for high-impact workouts like running and HIIT, they have proven to be the perfect pair to support my re-entry into the fitness space, and they’re actually cute. I did peruse these sneakers’ reviews, and it does seem that they are also runner-approved. Plus, these shoes are also backed by a 30-day trial, so if you don’t like them, you can send them back for a refund regardless of how much wear and tear they’ve endured.


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