Apr 29, 2024

Balmain East

A render of the exhaust stack coming to Iron Cove, near Balmain, has divided locals and architects and been compared to a parcel, a boot and a giant portaloo.

The billionaire Ainsworth family is best known for its pokie machine empire, the proceeds of which first landed Len Ainsworth on the rich list almost 30 years ago. But family matriarch Gretel Ainsworth scored an altogether different claim to riches this week.

Don't miss the mozzarella in carrozza - a must-order, come-hither toasty.

East Village is everything a local should be, and in terms of the food, so much more.

There's something about this East Balmain corner terrace that provokes odd names: it's been 'Aunty ...


Cappello Pizzeria, East Balmain