Aug 10, 2023

Sons of the Forest Infinite Log Glitch Guide

Due to a duplication glitch, players can stack up infinite amounts of logs in 'Sons of the Forest,' curbing the core challenge of having limited resources.

Aug. 2 2023, Published 4:10 p.m. ET

To survive close calls with cannibals and mother nature, you must gather various resources on a remote island in Sons of the Forest. The odds are stacked against you since crash landing on the isle, so you’ll have to make do with what you can find, eventually crafting tools to hunt for food or fight off the threats within.

The most crucial resource you must acquire for your survival will be logs. With enough gathered, they can create bridges, structures to rest in, floors, and act as material for crafting other items.

It’s a necessary resource that takes time to amass. But if you want to speedrun your gathering efforts, you can use a duplication glitch that players discovered to drop logs infinitely. Here’s everything you need to know.

The infinite log glitch has been common knowledge for some players since March. Developer Endnight Games tried to patch this out when it caught wind of the glitch, but players discovered newer duplication methods after the update.

A popular method to trigger the infinite log glitch is to build two or more log holders close together, then pick up a log in one of them and put it back down with “g.”

Since the holders are next to each other, the “g” option should show for both interactables, sending the single log into both once you click the button. The caveat is that you must make multiple holders first without the glitch, but once you get going, you can infinitely duplicate logs without much hassle.

Now, if you want to bypass all the legwork and just type in a cheat, there’s a method for that, too.

According to a video from YouTuber Subscribe, players can boot up the vanilla version of Sons of the Forest and type a cheat code to duplicate as many logs as they want.

To do this, type “cheatstick” and hit “F1,” then type in “loghack on.” On the screen that pops up, you can put the number of logs you want without any restrictions, instantly dropping in front of you.

Whether you go for the glitch or type in the cheat, there are various methods for duplicating logs that work. As a reminder, there’s always the chance of them being patched, so use them while you can.

Sons of the Forest is available in early access on PC.