Jul 21, 2023

A youth in Gujarat creates a Lamborghini inspired car for a mere Rs 12 lakh

Ahmedabad: A youth from Bavla near Ahmedabad who has only completed class 10 education has managed to create a car worth as per his estimate approximately Rs. 20 crores, all for a mere cost of Rs. 12 lakhs.

Dhaval Tanna, hailing from Bavla, Ahmedabad, completed his class 10 education and pursued a multimedia course in ITI, a field seemingly unrelated to automobiles or mechanics. However, his passion for innovation drove him. In July 2022, he embarked on the journey of building a car. By July 2023, he had achieved the milestone of constructing a conceptual car based on the Lamborghini Terzo—a vehicle boasting foreign aesthetics yet cultivated on native soil.

During the year 2021, Dhaval transformed an R15 bike into an R1M and converted a Pulsar 220 bike into a café racer bike. He also succeeded in making a super sports bike by converting a Maruti 800 car engine into a bike engine, marking the world’s first instance of a bike powered by a car engine. With these successes under his belt, Dhaval sought new challenges. After thorough online research, he chose to replicate Lamborghini’s Terzo car—a futuristic foreign concept valued at around Rs 20 crore as per an estimate. Dhaval managed to realize his version of the concept car with a mere Rs. 12 lakhs. His journey involved innovative approaches, resulting in features such as push-button ignition and a custom smart key.

The creation process involved utilizing diverse materials and techniques:

~ The chassis of Honda Civic cars formed the basis for the Lamborghini body.

~ The powerful engine from the Honda Civic was retained.

~ The chassis underwent a complete transformation into a fiberglass body.

~ LED lights and custom-profile DRL lights were integrated.

~ Acrylic was used for the glass, while the seats were fashioned from leather and fiber.

~ The interior, steering, and entire body were constructed from fiber.

~ Ingeniously, a gas cylinder regulator was used to create a distinctive steering stand.

~ The car was equipped with a screen integrated with a bike silencer and a rear camera.

Dhaval Tanna is also a YouTuber and a traveler, since 2014. His breakthrough came in 2020 with a well-received bike video that catapulted his popularity. Presently, his channel boasts a following of 6 lakh subscribers.

Dhaval Tanna’s family comprises his mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, and sister. The father is a businessman, the brother is employed, and Dhaval himself is a YouTuber. DeshGujarat